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Steal the Show - Featuring Bakari JB & Lightfoot


I'm proud to present Steal The Show, featuring the very talented Lightfoot & Bakari JB. This song was a blast to create, and we can't wait to hear your reaction. If you've ever partied with us, there's a good chance you were a source of inspiration- though we can neither confirm nor deny the story told within these verses...




Uncle Sam - Stay Grounded

This one's for all my grinders out there, all my dreamers. Keep moving forward- your world is what you make it, brick by sweat drenched brick. Never stop building. 




Live Free or Die

The time has come. I can only hope you get as much out of this as I've put into it. So check it out. It's free to listen. Free to download. All I ask is that you do one thing in return: Spread the word. Put it on your mp3 player and take it with you wherever you're going this weekend. Post it on your facebook wall. Play it for a friend. Tweet about it. E-mail it to your crazy uncle. Whatever. Just rock the fuck out with me. This is only the beginning.






Uncle Sam - The Learning (Freestyle)

Just shot & edited this video over the weekend for ya'll. A little taste of what's to come. I'm finishing up my mixtape right now, but I didn't think it was fair to leave you all hangin' in the meantime. I'm real excited about how it's coming together. I've got a HUGE new track with Pastime, who I last linked up with for Summer Daze, as well as a few other surprises. Hope everything's good on your end. I'll be checking back in real soon.

Special thanks to my buddy Mark for taking time out of his busy schedule to film with me. Check out some of his photography & design work here.


Uncle Sam - Fort Knox (Produced Alchemist)

Yo - check out this new one I just banged out over the weekend as part of a contest Alchemist is holding. Whoever he's feeling the most over this instrumental wins an opportunity to work with him on an original project. I'm a big fan and this would be a great experience, so I put a lot into this one. Win or lose, I'm proud of how it came out. So bump that shit & put the word out. Let me know what you think too.


UPDATE: Unfortunately I did not win the contest, so I've taken the video down. If you missed it don't worry- the bars were too hot to put away for good. I'm sure they'll resurface again down the road...