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First look at the tracklist for The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed, as well as a clue to the packaging. It’s definitely not a CD...


The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed

I am proud to announce that The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed has an official release date. May 6th, 2016. There's going to be a lot of interesting stuff going on with this record. Recently, I was a guest on OverDog Radio & we talked all about it...the change in sound, topics, and more. Great interview & a highly recommended listen. 

You're definitely going to want to connect with me on Twitter/IG/Etc to stay in the loop on this one. Or you can bookmark & get all your BOJA info there.




Uncle Sam - My Story [Official Video]

My Story is the result of a revelation I had while working on my new album. I often felt that my own life was trivial, un-important, and un-interesting in the grand scheme of things... Then I realized that's exactly what makes it so important. ALL of our stories hold that same weight. True- some of our lives may make for better movies, but we all are a part of the same human experience. We all feel the same emotions. We all have hopes and fears, experience triumphs and tragedies.  

It's easy to feel bogged down and marginalized. That's what we've got to fight against. Don't ever let anyone else tell you how your story should go, and don't waste your breath explaining and justifying your life. Get out and live. Maybe your story can't be told, but you CAN choose who is around to experience it with you. That's what's important.

I don't know how the rest of my story goes, but I'd love it if you joined me in finding out. 




Introducing...The Militia

I am AMPED about this new development. I've been mulling over the idea of building a backing band for some time now and the stars have finally aligned. The Militia makes their debut on 03/04/16 at Bull McCabe's in Somerville, MA. You do NOT want to miss this.

Huge thanks to everyone that voted in the poll...If you're scratching your head right now, that's probably because we're not connected on social media. You should change that. We have a lot of fun.

See you on the 4th!!



Official Video: Uncle Sam - Pioneering Burdens


Pioneering Burdens is one of my favorite songs off Get Off My Lawn. On an album about frustration & struggle, it really highlights what's going on behind the scenes, beneath the surface, and the mentality necessary to push forward. With haunting production from Latrell James and a killer hook from Adam Horn, there was no way we could let it slip through the cracks without a proper video. Enter Alexander Hayes, of KTHN fame. I could ramble on and on about this one, but I think the best thing to do is let you press play and come to your own conclusions.