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Got a nice little run of shows next week- very excited to get back out on the road & perform new music.

First up is Live From the Underground at Opus in Salem, MA. Put on by Wreck Shop Movement, I'll be performing with Political Animals & Maryann Murray. Free show. 21+. Doors at 9pm.

Then I'm heading up to Pelham, NH for Misery Loves Company with J Faith & Amadeus the Stampede. 18+. $5 cover. It's a hookah/cigar bar, that's pretty cool.

Finally, I'll be up in VT for A Fest for Wes, a very cool event that will draw out some of the region's finest. This one is all ages, $15, BYOB, and features free camping. The money all goes to a great cause & I'll be there all day & night. Doors at 2pm.

Questions? Hit me on your favorite social media @UncleSamMC. See you next week.



Antlers, Antlers, Antlers, Antlers

Well, against all odds, I recorded a Panda remix this week...more of a parody really. Why, you may ask? Peer Pressure. I typed "I got broads in NH, sipping Jim Beam in a camper" on Facebook the other day & people went nuts. They demanded the full song. The next day, I woke up to cover art in my inbox. I had to do it. It was actually wicked fun to record & the response so far has been great. So, what do you think? More remixes in the future?




Find the Fliers!

New game! I've hung fliers in Portsmouth, Portland, Manchester, Concord, Boston, and a few places in between. Find one, take a pic, and tag me (@UncleSamMC). I'll mail you a free copy of The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed!

Happy hunting.




Uncle Sam x RAYEL - Loop Mix (Prod. by Latrell James)

It was only right to celebrate the first annual LFOD Day (6/03) with new music from two of New Hampshire's finest. It's been a while since Rayel & I linked up on a track, but we've been vibing heavily lately. I would not be shocked to hear more from the two of us soon. This one here is a tribute to the loops we rode heavily growing up in the Granite State. The Rye Loop, Maine Loop, etc...You don't have to be from there to pick up what we're talking about though. Press play & take off on a loop of your own.


The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed

I'm thrilled to present The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed. This is something of a rebirth for me. While GOML was about walling myself off & pushing people away, BOJA is about heading into the world with a fresh look, a sense of adventure, & the knowledge that your life is what you make it.